About So Alkaline

A Foundation of Oriental, Ancient, and Functional Medicine

So Alkaline® LLC was created to support the human body through natural, non-invasive, and non-toxic therapies using whole plant based nutrition alongside nourishment education. We use plants to restore homeostasis since plants in their original form uptake natural nutrients and minerals from their roots. These minerals and nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream to allow for the signaling and performance of a variety of biochemical processes that help to correct imbalances within the body. At So Alkaline® LLC we recognize that our bodies thrive on plants and that our biochemistry relies on the consumption of these plants to operate at optimal levels. We also recognize that not all plants are equal, especially in this age most are conventional non-organic (sprayed with harmful pesticides), some are hybrid (cross-pollination of plant varieties), and some are even GMO (genetically-altered). We like to stick to plants that are of the original, or of the generations closer to that of the divine source. This allows for the plant to exhibit original levels of potent characteristics that are not found in others, thereby expressing natural affinity.  

Why I Became Interested In Holistic Medicine:

In 2013 I was cured of a hormonal imbalance within just 3 days of taking an herbal concoction that my Chinese Doctor formulated for me. From the ages of 13-20 I suffered from severe hormonal imbalances, went to numerous doctors, and was endlessly convinced to take birth control pills for symptoms that each doctor claimed to be "normal". Even at 13, I knew that my symptoms weren't normal so when I finally decided to switch doctors and sought out a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I began to experience the true notion of healing and optimal wellness. I realized that the majority of prescription medications were designed to mask  symptoms and not cure our root causes -- this is a problem. I realized that herbs were more than just plants; herbs are natural medicines that work in synergy with our physiology to treat and restore imbalances.   

My Grandma's Influence:

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My Professional Experiences & Background:

In college I studied biomedical science as a pre-med student. Alongside my studies I volunteered at various hospitals including both children and women's hospitals. I worked with pediatric cancer patients, GI patients, cardiology patients (both children and adults), and even worked with patients who were on medical isolation. I shadowed and worked alongside both PAs and Surgeons in the operating room (OR) and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). While studying, shadowing, and volunteering, I also co-managed a women's health professional organization on campus and worked alongside our campus's medical school to further gain experience while also mentoring members in our organization.

Aside from the hospitals and private practices I also have experience working in pharmacy as a pharmacy technician and in chiropractic medicine. In the back end of medicine, I worked as a junior web developer for health professionals in information technology. 

After undergrad, I earned my masters degree at NYU and also taught my first undergraduate course there in 2019. *Fun fact: I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from both high school and college.

In 2020, I launched soalkaline.com.

Currently I am studying nutrition alongside functional and oriental medicine. My specialities of interest include: genomics, gastrointestinal health, hormonal/neuroendocrine balance, and chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease, and cancer.