Prepare Alkaline Meals & Drinks

Cash For Your Delivered Groceries: 

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Recommended Kitchen Appliances (Click on the item to shop): 

Recommended Slow Masticating Juicers:  

-Preserve your enzymes and nutrients to get the most out of your juice.



Recommended Personal & Countertop Blenders:

-Ninja® blenders are great alternatives to the Vitamix® blender (these won't break your bank).


Recommended Flip & Standard Waffle Makers:

-Make easy fluffy alkaline/plant based Belgian waffles with these:



Recommended Food Processors:

-Great for making Plant Based Ice Cream, "Cheeze", Walnut "Meat", and Hummus.


Recommended Pots & Pans:

-It's important to use high quality pots & pans. These are more durable and they contain the least amount of harmful ingredients. Below are recommended cast irons and more. 



Recommended Immersion Blenders:

-Great for making plant based soups, stews, and sauce.



Recommended Pantry Items (Click on the item to shop): 

Sustainable Cling Wraps:

-Certified Biodegradable. Eco-Friendly & compostable food wraps. Great alternative to beeswax wraps or plastic wrap.



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