About So Alkaline

A Foundation of Holistic and Functional Medicine

So Alkaline® LLC was created to support the human body through natural, non-invasive, and non-toxic therapies using whole plant based nutrition alongside nourishment education. We use plants to restore homeostasis since plants in their original form uptake natural nutrients and minerals from their roots. These minerals and nutrients are then absorbed into the bloodstream to allow for the signaling and performance of a variety of biochemical processes that help to correct imbalances within the body. At So Alkaline® LLC we recognize that our bodies thrive on plants and that our biochemistry relies on the consumption of these plants to operate at optimal levels. We also recognize that not all plants are equal, especially in this age most are conventional non-organic (sprayed with harmful pesticides), some are hybrid (cross-pollination of plant varieties), and some are even GMO (genetically-altered). We like to stick to plants that are of the original, or of the generations closer to that of the divine source. This allows for the plant to exhibit original levels of potent characteristics that are not found in others, thereby expressing natural affinity.  


So Alkaline® is an alkaline wellness brand designed to rebalance the gut flora & body using plants of ancient lineage.

What does 'So Alkaline®' mean?

So Alkaline® is a term that reflects wholesome stability and origin. Inspired by the late Dr. Sebi, So Alkaline sets the foundation upon building ancestral knowledge to support our current and future generations. It is the vision for Mimi's future practice and is further inspired by a multitude of healers such as Dr. Erhet, Dr. Afrkia, and by the traditional teachings of her grandmother. Upon creating So Alkaline® LLC, Mimi has made it her mission to study from different medicinal philosophies and modalities to develop the best structure of personalized wellness. 


Mimi's Story:

Mimi first experienced professional wholistic healing from a doctor of oriental medicine who healed her of a five year plus imbalance. After years of meeting with different medical doctors who all claimed that her condition was 'normal', she became frustrated and decided to discontinue her search for help all together. The only 'solution' she was offered from her many doctors visits were birth control pills, which she refused. In college this problem began to heavily affect her mood, energy, and even her school work. Desperate, she decided to speak to her professor at the time, who, as an indigenous and spiritual woman, was also a practicing OBGYN. She examined Mimi from an energetic and mental perspective, and although she was not allowed to treat her, Mimi's professor connected possible root causes. This introduced Mimi to the possibilities of 'integrative' health care in conventional medicine

Fast forward to a few months later, Mimi's symptoms began to worsen, leading her to experience excessive blood loss while almost passing out during an event. Scared, she rushed to an urgent care center where the front desk assistant encouraged her to seek help elsewhere. Frustrated, Mimi decided to schedule an appointment with an oriental medical doctor who practiced almost two hours away from her home at the time. Within three days of taking the herbs that her doctor prescribed, her issues vanished completely and Mimi started to experience regular menstrual cycles again. She was completely amazed! 

Apart from her own health experience, Mimi juggled school while spending months in the hospital observing and caring for sick and injured relatives. She also spent two years working with cancer and chronically ill pediatric patients, and has extensively shadowed in adult cardiology, pediatric surgery, pediatric rehabilitation, and within the neonatal intensive care unit. These moments were crucial for Mimi as a prospective health care practitioner since she was able to observe the onset and progression of chronic, environmental, and genetic diseases. While observing the dynamics of treatments in hospitals and conventional primary care, Mimi realized that this 'medicine' did not truly align with her desired practice, nor did it align with her philosophy of wellness. Mimi wanted to study the structure of reversing the physiological pathways of disease to go beyond the symptoms and straight into the systematic root causes.

She later realized that conventional medicine was never designed to treat chronic diseases, but was rather designed to treat acute illnesses and emergencies. This covers only a portion of sick care, while over half of the American population today suffer from at least one chronic disease (*according to the American Hospital Association). Apart from Mimi's time in the hospital, she has also worked as a pharmacy technician where she further experienced the alarming disconnect in collaborations between pharmacists, doctors, and other health care professionals. The system did not fully operate in the patient's best interest and this was something that Mimi was inspired to change.

After finishing her bachelors in biomedical sciences, Mimi decided to move to New York to explore her other passions and began to study under some of the nation's most renowned writers. While finishing her MFA, Mimi started to discover her love for plant based cooking, and was quickly drawn back to health care after recognizing the positive changes of eating an alkaline plant based diet. Mimi recognized the importance of natural affinity and nutrients and began to self study. She also took herbal medicine and natural skincare courses in NYC, and began learning traditional herbal medicine under her grandmother. Although Mimi grew up with traditional practices and herbal medicines at home, she never fully recognized herbs or 'integrative' care as medicine. Rather she viewed them as a cultural lifestyle that she found unique to her home at the time. Since then, her perspective has changed and she began to recognize the power of herbs and preventative care with medicinal foods.

In 2019, Mimi founded So Alkaline® after sharing her alkaline meals on instagram. Since then she has worked with clients of all ages to help them transform their lives. In 2020, she launched her first online store to offer her own proprietary formulas and products in the midst of the pandemic. Now in 2021, she has relaunched her So Alkaline® brand with more products and is furthering her graduate education as a functional clinical nutrition master's and a certified nutrition specialist candidate. She is certified in plant based nutrition from Cornell University, and holds a certificate in immunology from Rice University. She is currently working towards her nutrition and genomics board certifications to later open up her first nutrition and herbal practice. Her specialities of interest include: genomics, gastrointestinal health, hormonal/neuroendocrine balance, and chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, autoimmune disease, and cancer. 

Mimi's mission is to offer accessible functional and effective health care to the public via natural products, consultations, and personalized nutrition. Later, she plans to expand her studies and services to cover a wider range of health needs.