Holistic Medical/Service Provider Search

Holistic Medical/Service Provider Search

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Need my assistance in your search for a holistic medical provider? Need a holistic dentist, a doctor of Chinese medicine, an ND, a functional provider, a doula, or not sure what kind of provider you need? I can help. 

I will search for holistic medical/service providers in your area (up to 3 areas) based on your health concerns and needs. Not sure which type of provider you will need? No worries, just describe your concerns to me and I will search for the providers that may best suit that concern. 

A list along with ratings and credentials will be emailed to you within 5-8 business days.

***Please include the following in your notes upon checkout:

1. Your Name

2. Email

3. Area of Search (up to 3, cities and/or states: U.S. only)

4. Optional: Medical concerns (please remember the notes section is not HIPPA complaint)

5. Type of medical provider(s) you're looking for. (option of 1-3).