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Student of Nature Poster

Student of Nature Poster

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We are all essentially "Students of Nature". Honor Mother Earth with our vibrant and high quality printed image. Our poster is carefully layered over a colorful yet dreamy background to accentuate the message of lessons and peace. This poster is symbolic of the beauty and grace that Mother Earth offers while remaining so elegant and untethered to her surroundings.  

Ways in which you can display your poster to energetically align with Mother Earth.

**Before you do so, set the intention of allowing abundance and wisdom to enter your life. Attach that intention onto your poster and then onto yourself. Allow yourself to enter the energy of nature.

  • Hang your poster up for inspiration. Whether you choose your living room, office space, or bedroom -- this poster will help to curate and spark your sense of creativity.
  • Use it to elevate your energetic alignments in manifestations and meditation. Observe and recognize the student within before clearing space to receive resonating energy.
  • Use it as art to curate a safe space for your own thoughts and internal peace.
  • Use it as an extension of your vision board. Write down any goals that you'd like to achieve as you continue to learn and operate in this realm of light.
Two Sizes Available: 11" x 14" & 20" x 30"
  • 175 gsm fine art paper 
  • High Quality Print Matte finish
  • For indoor use

 **Frame & clips are not included**